Sunday, December 20, 2009

What It’s All About

Many here are involved in the World Bible School ministry. You spend time sending out lessons and grading those that are returned. Thank you for your time and thanks to Becky Harris for all the energy she puts into the coordination of all the correspondence and sending lessons, packages, Bibles, etc.

Becky gave me the following letter from a student that will help all of us understand a little more of what it’s all about. It is printed as it was written.
My Dear Study Helper

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus. How are you, and how are you managing the World bible School. Hope you are fine. If so we give God the glory.

My main aim of writing this letter is to thank you all. I believe this is the last course according to how it is listed in the first course book.

I want to express my gratitude by saying a thousand thanks to you all for helping me know the gospel and for exposing me more to the Scripture.

For helping me build up my spiritual life on a solid rock by sending me question from the gospel to answer and to enlighted my Christian faith through the discussion question and allowing me expressing my idea according to my own little knowledge and understanding.

More also I want to thank you for sending me a Bible containing both old and new testament because I never had a Bible before. I only use the little new testament and when I need to refer to the old testament I use my mother’s own.

I wrote this letter to thank you not because this W. B.S. was only given to me alone. It was given to many persons in our school and other schools since it is free of charge.

But I appreciate it a lot because I love things like this and I appreciate good things.

I want to say thank you for how you preach the word of God to people through it and for the spiritual Books you send to us and more also because it is free of charge. We don’t pay for it. I want to use this medium to ask of my formal teacher Ralp Willams health. I hope he’s fine now. I pray the Lord will continue to strengthen and heal him from every sickness.

Before I conclude, I want to show my sincere gratitude by say a big thank you to Ralp Willams, my formal teacher and to you Melody Waggoner, my present teacher and all other teachers who help us to study the word of God free of charge. May the Lord who see the good thing you have done in people’s life reward you abundantly.

And may your reward be greater in the kingdom of God.


Your sister in Christ,


See you when the saints meet, Lord willing.

Love, Tony

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